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About EcoWarm Installations

There are a wide range of environmental and energy saving heating systems on the market - all making various claims about energy efficiency, cost savings and CO2 emissions reductions.

EcoWarm Installations were born when our Managing Director was trying to find a suitable renewable heating solution for his own house, which was off mains gas and heated using oil.

It proved impossible to directly compare the myriad of options and proposals that were suggested by various eco-heating companies, none of whom actually offered to visit the property, survey the site and discuss the various options. The result was that it proved impossible to find a "one-stop-shop" company who would visit the property, understand the clients requirements, explain the options and then specify, quote, install , commission and maintain the final system.

EcoWarm Installations were formed to fill this gap in the market and we now pride ourselves on offering exactly this service. We are experts in the specification of alternative heating systems for domestic and commercial properties and are approved by some of the largest names in the heating system market, including Mitsubishi and DeLonghi.

Our primary activity is with the specification and installation of heat pumps into domestic properties located in towns and villages off mains gas, although we also undertake solar panel installations - often in conjunction with a heat pump solution.

By keeping operating overheads to an absolute minimum and by relying on a fully trained external installations team, we can offer very competitive pricing - a major consideration in the current financial climate. This fact, coupled with the significant grant funding available for the majority of renewable installations, means that reduced heating costs and carbon emissions are now obtainable for costs comparable to a conventional fossil fuel based heating system.

Our objective to provide the best service at a competitive and affordable price is what drives EcoWarm forward and has led to a continued growth of the business. The vast majority of our domestic work now comes via recommendation.

If you would like to contact us for an informal chat or a no-obligation site survey, please do not hesitate to contact us.

House with heat pump installed