EcoWarm installations

Worried about increasing heating costs AND the environment?

Have you considered installing a heat pump?

Ecodan 8.5kWLocated in Braunston, Northamptonshire, EcoWarm Installations were formed to offer renewable energy heating solutions to the many villages in the area not connected to mains gas.

The combination of a local company employing degree qualified engineers, and our strategy to keep overheads and therefore costs to an absolute minimum, has resulted in the steady growth of the company - even during the current economic climate.

Most of our business is generated from customer referrals and local advertising, and we are hoping to start working in partnership with Daventry District Council in the near future.

Heat Pumps convert stored solar energy in the atmosphere into central heating and hot water
  • Cost savings of up to 55%
  • CO2 reductions of up to 60%
  • Heat Pump unit stands outside
  • Connects to existing radiators
  • No need for an internal boiler or oil tank
  • Government approved Renewable Technology
  • Government Grants of up to £1200 available
  • Proven Technology £1,000s of systems installed in Europe