EcoWarm installations

Why choose an Air Source Heat Pump?

For a typical domestic installation, the costs of an Air Source system are significantly less than an equivalent Ground Source system. There are no expensive and disruptive groundworks whatsoever with an Air Source System, the unit simply stands outside the property and is connected directly to the central heating flow and return pipes.

As the outside air is always laden with solar energy, Air Source heat pumps can utilise this “free” energy to provide highly efficient heating and hot water – even at air temperatures as low as -25C. And because winters in the UK are relatively mild, these heat pumps will run year-after-year with very high efficiencies.

  • Running costs can be significantly reduced, especially if you use direct electric heating or Oil/LPG. Up to 75% of your heat will come “free” from the air outside.
  • Your carbon footprint will be slashed by up to 50% when installing this renewable technology
  • Your main energy source, the outside air, is not piped or delivered and is therefore always available to heat your home.
  • Relatively mild winters in the UK means that efficiencies remain high and running costs remain low throughout the year.
  • New builds and retrofit installations are ideal for Air Source Heat Pumps – especially where interior space is limited.
  • As well as heating a wide range of domestic and commercial properties, Air Source Heat Pumps can also be used to provide cooling and as a very efficient means of heating swimming pools.
  • Unlike other renewable technologies, our systems can be used to provide all of your heating and hot water, with no need for a back-up system.