EcoWarm installations

The installation process

EcoWarm Installations offer our clients a single-point-of-contact who can guide you through the complete design, specification and installation process to ensure that you end up with the most cost-effective, renewable heating solution. This could combine a number of complementary renewable technologies, and the no-obligation site survey will identify which of these are suitable and if/how they should be combined.

We only install products that are Microgeneration Certified, and this gives our customers the reassurance that our systems are approved by the relevant government agencies having been subjected to rigorous testing and validation.

As we are not tied to any specific manufacturer or technology you can be assured that our advice and recommendations are always impartial and that you will end up with the optimum heating solution for your specific requirements.

Substantial government grant funding is also available for most installations, and we are happy to advise you about what grants are available and how to apply for them.

A house installed with a heat pump